About + FAQ

The Rabbit Hole is a vintage clothing online store with a brick + mortar location in Miami. Founded in the Fall of 2009 as an after-work hideout / creative sandbox, the little vintage store was awarded Miami's Best Secondhand Shop by Newtimes just after its first anniversary. 15 months in, we expanded and built a full time e-commerce + mini photo studio, merging vintage clothing with modern photography into a perfect work/play space catering to worldwide as well as local clients. In October 2015, we moved out of our original location and opened at a brand new store front downtown North Miami in November 2015.

Every little piece in the beloved vintage shop has been hand-selected, one by one, for a collection curated for its visual energy, quality, and relevancy to today's style. Vintage clothing enthusiasts and savvy shoppers can find wares ranging from the 1940's to 1990's eras online or in store.


Nana Ouyang x Converse Commercial at The Rabbit Hole 

New store November 2015:

Former location : 2009-September 2015



Q: How do you get your goods? Can I sell you my vintage?

A: Our preferred method of finding inventory is through good ol' treasure hunts! We travel several times a year scouring the earth for vintage, piece by piece, to offer you the best curated selection possible. We generally do not buy or take on consignment from individuals, but inquiries are welcome. We can always use our resources and refer you to neighboring businesses depending on your needs.


Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: info@shoprabbithole.com is the quickest way to get in touch outside of shop hours.


Q: Who are your models? Can I model for your website?

A: We find models the same way we find vintage: through a lot of searching. Sometimes that means asking our customers to work with us. If you are interested in modeling for us, please email info@shoprabbithole.com.


Q: What's next for The Rabbit Hole?

A: We are always developing new ideas and searching for inspiration. As such, there are usually new projects in the work. If you are interested in our journey, please keep in touch via email list, the blog, and other social media outlets. We are most active on Facebook and Instagram, but also enjoy Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr


Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Paypal and all major credit cards online. The Rabbit Hole is a verified Authorize.net merchant. Phone orders with credit cards are also available during business hours. 


Q: Why are there sold items on the website?

A: Sold items stay on the website to give you a better idea of our general style and types of items we usually carry. They eventually fall off the page after a period of time.


Thank you for your visit. We hope you enjoy browsing through our vintage clothing online collection. Have more question? Still curious? Give us a call at 305-892-0213 or email info@shoprabbithole.com We love to hear from you. If you are in Miami or South Florida, please stop by!