Miami Vintage Store Moved : Website Hacked : New Beginning

Posted by The Rabbit Hole on 8th Oct 2015

So we moved our vintage shop out of North Miami Beach into downtown North Miami! They are basically adjacent cities, and the move was only 10 minutes away, but still such a huge new beginning for us. After 6 years, it was strange to see our original vintage shop space and studio going back to being completely empty and bare. Such strange mixed feelings.

The new shop space is much more airy with high ceiling and a lot of natural light. We will be surrounded by some amazing high-end vintage oriented neighbors in a great little walk-able neighborhood facing a small art museum. I can't wait to get situated and really start working. The move was done VERY quickly, with the bulk of all moving done in 2 days. We were waiting on the lease to finalize, which didn't happen until 2 days before month's end! It was exhausting, and now that it is over, I feel like I might need a month for my achy body and all the bruises to heal, haha. We are working on getting utilities, internet, and licenses, etc. for the new shop, so I am taking this time to do a lot of work from home.

Luckily too, because our web hosting got hacked. I spent all day yesterday and today cleaning up, but it turned out many sites didn't survive. The shop's old blogs were not salvageable, and my photography website is still down. I am ok with loosing the (3!) old blogs, though. Think it is just the right time to let go of outdated things in one big swoop.

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