A chat with a muse: vintage fashion photoshoot with Mariea Huynh

17th Dec 2017

Back in March 2015, before we moved to the new store, Mariea and I spent a day shooting some fun vintage clothes from the shop. We had met when she had shopped at The Rabbit Hole. We kept in touch and became friends. I always enjoyed her interesting ways of putting outfits together and wanted you guys to meet and get to know her, too. A lot has happened since this chat in 2015, between the many store moves, the hacked website, and the disappeared blog, etc. She is also up to a lot of new fun things, so check out @nonsense305 if you would like a peek!

Model/makeup/styling @nonsense305 - Photography/clothing @shoprabbithole

What do you do for a living?

"The question is what do I not do. Hmm I pretty much do anything that allows one to express their creativity. I am a garment artist or manipulator might be a better term. I work in productions from movies, to music videos. I really love being part of a crew and the hustle & bustle of being on set. And I occasionally let a team of talented hair stylist pay me to cut & color my hair and play like I'm a model. Not too shabby."

How did you get into your line of work?

"I've always been a big believer in following your daydreams, there's no limit to what is possible. With that said why sit at a cubicle when you can do so much more. I follow what I want to do and let the rest follow."

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?

"Grow up? What is this word you speak of? I love the innocence and lust for life we have before we trade on our GI Joes and Barbies for suits and suitcases."

What lessons has your work life taught you?

"Enjoy each moment, you might be beyond tired, cold, and annoyed but that moment will never be experienced again. So enjoy!"

Where did you grow up? What was it like?

"I grew up mostly in Florida but when I hit middle school I went to go live with my Asian dad in a small town in TN. That was a trip and what I credit a lot of my individuality to that move. They rode tractors to school and pushed over cows for fun. I searched out and "befriended" the alternative kids and recreations."

Did you get into trouble? What was the worst thing you did?

"Haha Yes! I think this question was placed just for me. Ok my first detention of many to come was when I was in pre-k at a catholic school and a nun punished me for sticking my tongue out at my reflection."

What did you look like?

"My childhood friends say that I haven't changed a bit, I'm still the girl with blue eyeliner, stop sign red hair, spiked dog collar, and rocking really funky vintage clothes."

Were you ever bullied? Were you ever a bully?

"Yes to both, in grade school I had an infatuation with cowboy boots and also kicking boys in their privates with them. Horrible I know & I'm not sure why I did, but it surely did entertain me back then. And of course what goes around comes around, I got made fun of for being tall and awkward while my classmates tried to catch up with my growth spurt."

What is your relationship with vintage? how many percentage of your wardrobe is vintage?

"Vintage is my love, my life, my affair from manufactured clothing. I love the story behind each piece, the uniqueness and comfort in knowing that you will be the only person wearing that garment in a social environment. Who wore it better?... Sha. ;)"